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QUARREL + FABLE digital core rules now free forever!

Are your OSR games too TSR?

QUARREL + FABLE is a streamlined and robust system - the feisty younger sister to Fighting Fantasy!

  • It runs using no more than 3d6, some pencils and an eraser, using rules that can be explained in minutes. 
  • Character generation is fast and flexible — three stats of SKILL, STAMINA, and LUCK, and an open-ended skills system. 
  • No more Vancian magic!  Players memorise the spells they want their characters to cast.
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Authorsean f, smith / he, him
TagsFantasy, fkr, OSR


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Test your Mettle! The official QUARREL + FABLE playlist

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You might want to remove the d6^ and d6v references in the monsters list, since they don't refer to anything anymore, as per your dev log.

Great game, best post-Fighting Fantasy game I've seen! I love that someone made use of the Sorcery! spellcasting system.

I knew I must have missed them somewhere! Thanks for the note ─ I’ll pare them out with the next update pass.

Thanks for the kind words too :))


This is the best riff of Fighting Fantasy I’ve seen. Great stuff.


Incredible game! I love the quirky, odd mechanics and the subtle worldbuilding tools. The balancing of characters is also really well done!

Thanks a lot!


I dig this!  I am just curious, when special skill points and luck are spent, is the only way to recover them through advancement?


Thanks! :)

I mostly run it that your pools recover after you’ve had a good night’s sleep in a good bed, but…

I could very much see a gritty version where you can only regain them through advancement!


Ahh I see! 

I was a little curious about it since I couldn't find it outlined in the rules anywhere, I'm guessing its a left to your discretion type thing then, neat!