Version 1.8

So, the rules stay the same but I have finally dropped the distinction between d6^ and d6v (for d6 and d3 respectively). They average out similarly and tend to be ever so slightly quicker at the table, but infinitely easier on virtual tabletops!

I’ve also included a specific THIRD PARTY LICENCE in case you’re wanting the go-ahead to release some QF-compatible materials!


QUARREL + FABLE v1.8.pdf 2 MB
Jul 26, 2022


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The up and down d6 variants live on in the bestiary on page 10 in the weapon damage amounts, eg the Gobling has sharp things (d6↡). Should I read that as 1d3? And the Heath Dragon’s bite (d6↟) as just 1d6?

I’ve sometimes been using the up version as 2d3 instead, but otherwise it’s exactly as you’ve said, yeah.

I’ve still yet to go through and update the adventures and I completely missed the bestiary!